Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Digging Through The Rumor Mill

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The Note franchise is alive and kicking if the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are anything to go by last year. Samsung, thanks to the device, have made it quite clear that there are some people out there who want large handsets instead of small ones.

Samsung will be revealing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 soon and Gizbot did say that they would put it in their top 10. The handset is sure to be a worthy follow up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Rumours have been going around that the device will come with the same features as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It has been said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would have a display of 5 inches and this would be in full HD. It may come with a camera of 13 megapixels, have the latest Android and it may have the very latest processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could also have a larger display and this may be 6 inches, up from 5.5 inches. A 6 inch display could work if it was a 1080p display.

One of the biggest highlights when the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was revealed was the UI, along with apps that were used by the S Pen. It is thought that the next generation handset will come with even more features that are advanced. This would be needed if Samsung wants to persuade owners of the older device to update.

It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will come out in the last quarter of this year as the predecessor to the handset was released at the time last year. Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be revealed first by Samsung and then they will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shortly after. The Samsung Galaxy S4 of course will have the biggest fan base, and it has the most rivals, which includes HTC and Apple. There has been reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be revealed around the middle of this year. This would help Samsung to get more buyers, which brings in money for them of course.

Over at ZDNet they said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the best device for them, however it may not be the best for everyone. So could the Samsung Galaxy S3 be better than its predecessor and will it come with the 1080p display?

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