The More We Bitch About Galaxy S4 Design The Less Likely Note 3 Will Follow

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There is a new rumour going around that Samsung could be testing three different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

SamMobile have said that they were told by an insider that Samsung are considering three separate internal versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – one that would be much the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4, one that has a display that is flexible and another that offers a completely different design.

We have in the past heard reports that haven’t been confirmed that say that Samsung could move from the plastic look to a metal look with the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This rumour was later squashed, however another emerged that said that the device could come with an OLED display that was flexible.

When Samsung was asked about the use of flexible displays they did say that handsets with the technology would only be revealed in the future. They didn’t actually say how long into the future we would have to wait. Another report said that the flexible display would be delayed. LG have said that they will be launching a handset with a display that is flexible towards the end of the year.

The same source said that the phone shown in a photo yesterday which was linked with another rumour about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t a prototype of the actual handset. They said that the handset was a ZOPO ZP950 and not even a device from Samsung.

There haven’t been any images shown of the three devices which are said to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and neither have any specs and features being released.

The report that was revealed yesterday said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs would include a display of full HD at 5.99 inches, have the Exynos 5 Octa processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, support for microSD card and the handset would run on Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

Of course these are nothing but rumours at the moment as Samsung have not confirmed anything. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be revealed later in the year, perhaps at the IFA 2013. This would be the same event that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was announced at last year.

If Samsung truly are contemplating between 3 different Notes, if you don’t want them to pick the design that resembles the Samsung Galaxy S4 then it would be a good idea to complain. We’re already hearing numerous critics chime in on the boring and uninspiring exterior styling of the S4. Samsung, we hope you’re listening.

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