Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Could Be A Wet Noodle After All

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 itself was rumored to come with a flexible AMOLED display. This rumor which was proven wrong had started off just over the summer after Samsung showed a prototype of the technology at CES 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 flexible display rumors get a booster shot

Now with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 boasting a rigid 5.5-inch display, all eyes are on a Galaxy Note 3 which may get the honors of being as flexible as a wet noodle. Today the hopes of this happening just became a lot higher as Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, announced that they would be showcasing a 5.5-inch 720 flexible screen at CES next month.

Of course, this isn’t confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would have a flexible screen but the fact that Samsung is working out prototypes in the phablet category no doubt means that the Galaxy Note series should be a frontrunner for this technology when and if it becomes available to the general public.

So what uses could there be for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible screen? For one it would be able to substain drops better since the display is actually the most rigid thing we see on the current Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It may also come in handy when it comes to positioning it in your car for GPS navigation or if possibly when you’re playing a racing game whereby it would give you the feeling of being enveloped inside the car.

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