Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Now A Matter Of Weeks?

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We’re all talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, because the Note 2 has suddenly had a price cut. The Note 2 has been selling well, but now Verizon is selling it at half price with new account customers, and Amazon is offering it for $189.99.

It’s hardly unusual for handsets to be slashed in price when they’re near the end of their lives, but the Galaxy Note 2 only came out a few months ago.

It’s thought that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a 6.3” display and an eight – yes, eight – core Samsung chip. This is quite a big step-up, and the competition can only follow.

The eight-core Exynos Octa chip was displayed at CES. It’s a pair of quad-core chips that work in tandem. You can use just one set if you want to save battery and you’re not doing anything too taxing. You can bring the other four on board when you need them.

It’s also rumoured that Samsung has increased battery life by 70%. We don’t know anything about availability or prices yet, though.

The Galaxy Note 3 is believed to be debuting at MWC in late February, so we’ll be watching eagerly!

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