Has Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cut In Front Of S4? (Release Date Speculations)

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The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has dropped down and this has sparked rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 making its way out. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been a great seller, but Verizon have now dropped the price of the device to half price when you sign for a new account. You can get the device with Amazon for $189.99.

Devices are routinely offered for sale of course when they have been out a long time and are nearing their end. This cannot be said of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the device was only revealed some months back.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could have a screen of 6.3 inches and it may be run by the 8 core processor of Samsung. If this rumour is true then it would be a step up and it would be something for competitors to have to beat.

Samsung revealed the 8 core Exynos Octa processor at the CES. This consists of two pairs of processors that work together. One set could be used so as to reduce the amount of stress on the battery and the other would kick in when more processing power was needed.

It has been rumoured that the handsets would have a battery that had been increased by as much as 70%. However at the moment nothing has been said about the cost of the device or when we can expect to see it arrive on the shelves.

Rumour has it that it will be shown at the MWC, which will take place in February? How excited are you?

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