Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Dump Stylus For Finger Hovering

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There has been a lot of talk and leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, including what it may look like, the improvements to the internal components and its release date. However, Samsung may be about to surprise us with the screen on the release of their next flagship model. We know that it may have a larger display and this could be full HD 1080p. But there is speculation that the handset might not need a screen protector or stylus as owners may be able to use AirView without having to rely on the S Pen.

Rumours have been going around that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should have an improved S Pen, however if the latest rumours are true then this will not be happening. Being able to hold your finger over the display of your handset is not new as the Sony Xperia Sola had something that was very similar. Samsung however may make this hovering feature more widely used.

If the rumour proves true then Samsung could make the device better if they were to include multi-touch. This would mean that people wearing gloves would be able to use the device.

On the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you can already hover with the S Pen, however being able to do this without even the need for the pen would be great. The tech may get mixed reactions, but one thing it would improve is the fact that the fingerprints on the display would be lessened.

At the moment the rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are coming more and more as the device may be revealed in March and the handset could be on the shelves the next month.

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