Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flexes Its Guns At CES 2013 Without Actually Being There

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Fans of the Samsung Galaxy S series have been waiting for Samsung to make an announcement about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. There was no mention of these at the CES unfortunately but Samsung did reveal prototype handsets and technologies that gave us an idea of things to come.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 teasers at CES 2013?

There was a teaser though as to what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may look like, if rumours turn out to be true. This was by way of the multiple prototype YOUM flexible displays seen on smartphones at the Samsung booth.

Rumours have it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a display that is flexible. The speculated size is 6.3 inches and so contortion would be quite useful.

The YOUM display is not only flexible but it is also said to be unbreakable.

In addition to the display technology, Samsung unveiled its 8-core processor which is again something else that has been seen in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors for some time now. It boasts lower power consumption thanks to the BIG.little setup.

Now all eyes are on MWC where hopefully we can see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shows us these two features in an actual production handset. If not the Note, hopefully the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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