Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Caught Loitering CES 2013 Floor… Wait That May Be A Little TOO Big To Be It

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One of the largest surprises to be rumoured at the CES 2013 was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Over in Lebanon Samsung recently said that the rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 being revealed soon were not true and it would not come out before May of this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shies away from CES 2013

Meanwhile rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have continued on. One of the things at the top of the rumour list was the fact that the display would be updated. So it seems that this is one thing that the majority of people want to see and were keeping their eyes open for on the floors at CES 2013.

Well Samsung did reveal the next big thing at the CES but unfortunately it wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It came in the form of a 4K TV that was 85 inches and which had the look of a chalk board. The Samsung S9 UHD TV is able to up-convert HD into full HD and even up to UHD quality. The TV set is said to be able to restore detail information, which means that there is greater precision, along with picture quality that is real life. Samsung also bragged about another feature, this was voice interaction, very much like Siri. It appears that the TV can listen to your commands, along with questions regarding programs on TV. Samsung have bragged that their TV set is almost human thanks to this feature.

Right not we do not know the price of the TV and as yet Samsung have not offered a date for when the TV might ship. They did however say that they would be releasing another TV, this one would be even larger, around 110 inches, and this is coming much later in 2013.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it too is rumored to get a bigger display with a higher resolution (1080p). Of course, it won’t be 85-inches!

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