Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Shows Up At CES With UHD Display… Oh Wait, That’s A 85″ TV

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Samsung have revealed their latest big thing at the CES and it wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is one of the two devices that have been rumoured to come out of the show. Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 debuting at the event with an even bigger display that is flexible really had everyone going.

CES 2013: No Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but something bigger

Well Samsung did reveal something large; 85-inches to be exact! It unfortunately wasn’t a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but instead an 85 inch TV which looks like a chalk board that captured everyone’s attention. The Samsung S9 UHD TV converts HD into full HD, all the way up to UHD level, along with restoring information, creating better precision and picture quality, which is said to be like real life.

Samsung explained about a voice feature which is very similar to Siri. This means the TV can listen to what you are saying and give answers to questions about programs on TV. Samsung say that this feature makes the TV set almost human.

There is no word on the price of when the TV may be released. They went on to reveal that they would be bringing out a 110 inch variation later in the year.

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