Samsung Galaxy Note X: Whopping 6.3-inch Screen & 3GB RAM… Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

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Samsung will be releasing their Galaxy Note 2 and it has received a great deal of attention thanks to the large 5.5 inch display. The original Note was received with some confusion as people didn’t know whether it was a tablet or a phone, thus it became the phablet. The device sold well and the Galaxy Note 2 will be even bigger with a 5.5 inch display. But just how big would be too big?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will look tiny next to this!

Well a concept handset introduces us to the Samsung Galaxy Note X with a whopping 6.3 inch display! Those who thought the display of the Note 2 would be the max are wrong, as the Galaxy X provides 6.3 inches of viewing. However, being a concept design, it will not be on the shelves. The designer behind the concept gave the device the super large HD resolution display, so would this see it move out of the phablet category and into the tablet one?

Erica Yusim designed the Galaxy Note X renders (see below) and it “has” some impressive specs. If the device was real it would no doubt have lovers of Android handsets drooling over their keyboards. The device would be run by a Cortex A5 2GHz quad core processor, it would have a huge 16 megapixel camera on the back, a 3 megapixel on the front and 3GB of RAM. It would be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of internal storage and would need a battery of 4,000mAh to power it. It would of course have the latest generation S Pen, Bluetooth 5, AGPS, Glonass, USB 3 and NFC. The handset would run on what should be the next Android OS, Key Lime Pie.

The weight of the device would be 220g and it would have a thickness of just 8.3mm. The design of the concept handset is very stylish and the words coming out of anyone’s mouth who is reading this will probably be “if only”. But maybe such a handset is not far away from being real?

Samsung Galaxy Note X concept

Samsung Galaxy Note X concept

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