Samsung Galaxy S3 Has Many Enemies Unlike ‘Note 2’

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One of the Android 4.0 phones on the most wanted list is the Samsung Galaxy S3, but will it really be worth the wait? Fans who got a glimpse of the handset at the unveiling as well as those who caught the many reviews to follow have mixed reactions. Why?

Samsung Galaxy S3 sure to face a lot of rivals in the ‘superphone’ category

It does come with a 4.8 Super AMOLED display which is stunning, but then the display is Pentile. It has a quad core processor in most parts of the world but the US will likely get a dual-core variant due to LTE incompatibilities. What has further left some individuals deflated is the lack of the speculated 12-megapixel camera, 2GB RAM and a ceramic case.

So does this mean that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has lost its place on the pedestal even before the majority of pre-orders have yet to reach the hands of those still waiting for the handset? No.

It still remains a very powerful phone and it is worth upgrading from the Galaxy S2 no doubt, but at the same time it isn’t that much more powerful or advanced than the specifications of the HTC One X or the rumored device from Motorola, the DROID RAZR HD. One device that does stand apart from the Galaxy S3 however is the Samsung Galaxy Note and despite its age, remains a strong seller.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: It’s inevitable

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been tagged in the category of ‘phablets’, which is between a phone and a tablet. More than 5 million devices have been sold in five months and there is a rumor of a T-Mobile Galaxy Note along with Verizon Galaxy Note on their way. And given its sales success, it is normal to assume that there will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not too far in the future. When this happens it could leave the Samsung Galaxy S3 fending off the above mentioned rivals in the superphones segment, while it enjoys all the new architecture the S3 brought (wireless charging, quad-core processor, TouchWiz tweaks) and rules the phablet segment uncontested.

With its humungous display and S-Pen capabilities backed by Samsung’s next-gen hardware, it would end up being a beast of a Android device no doubt. Given that the current Samsung Galaxy Note came along a couple of months after the Galaxy S2, if the new Galaxy S3 does in fact hit the US in June then we could see a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 roll out as early as by the end of this year.

Fingers crossed.

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