Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs S3: The People Have Spoken!

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The spotlight is still on the iPhone 5, but it’ll shift to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it comes out in New York next week. The company plans to unveil the Note 2 on October 24 at 7.00pm, apparently.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has already come out in Asia and Europe after its August debut at IFA 2012 in Berlin. There have been quite a few reviews comparing the Note 2 against its biggest Android rival which happens to also be its sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We thought of checking out what the top tech experts from around the web had to say about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its chances against the S3:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: review roundup

Alistair Charlton of the International Business Times (IBT) said: The Note 2 and Galaxy S3 look incredibly similar – save for the size difference, obviously – and both share the same button and port layout; this means a lock/power button on the right, volume rocker on the left, a headphone jack at the top and a microUSB port for charging and syncing on the bottom.

Charlton thinks that the choice will eventually come down to your preference and not specs which the Note 2 has the upperhand with.

“If the bigger screen and stylus fit into your life – and you don’t mind your pocket being full – then the Note 2 is excellent. But if handwriting on your phone doesn’t appeal, the Galaxy S3 offers 95 percent of the Note, but in a smaller, easier to hold package,” he added.

We ourselves have said that in software terms, the phones are evenly matched, although the S-Pen does give the Note a massive advantage if you like that sort of thing.

PhonesReview (PR) said that the Note 2 was “useful for many daily functions” because of its bigger display and battery power, as well as its camera. PR added: On the other hand both phones are pretty equal as far as software goes though some might enjoy the S Pen use that comes with the Note 2.

Jacob Kleinman of International Design Times (IDT) chose the Samsung Galaxy S3, saying:  The Galaxy S3 is undeniably Samsung’s best smartphone, featuring the most powerful hardware available and the sleekest design. The Galaxy Note series will likely never surpass the Galaxy S series in sales or popularity. Instead, the Galaxy Note 2 will remain a niche product, popular among a smaller subsection of Android users while the Galaxy S3 reigns supreme.

Kleinman also cited the Samsung Galaxy talk time of 15 hours compared to the Note 2’s 6.5 hours as being one of the main reasons for his choice. He also mentioned that the S3 (4.8” screen) has the same pixel resolution (1,280×720) as the Note 2 (5.5”). This means that the Note 2 has a lower ppi – 265 compared to 306.

So it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will unlikely rob S3 of its fans but will still perform well in sales. Maybe if Samsung were to release a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Mini then things may change a bit (we’re sure many folks in the US want that quad-core processor and S-Pen but not at sacrificing comfort due to that huge display).

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