Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Stabs Galaxy S3 In The Back, New Bestseller [PH]

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Retailers have said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been confirmed as having beaten the Galaxy S3 in sales. The details come via PopHerald and their recent checks with suppliers.

PH: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beats Galaxy S3 in sales

In November, along with the first two days in December, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beat the Galaxy S3 when it came to sales in the US. The Note 2 has also managed to increase market shares within the US with the help of Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving shopping.

A retailer in the US said that sales of the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 are now three to two. For every two Samsung Galaxy S3 units that are sold there are three Note 2 phablets being sold. The starting price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is $620 and the device comes with 16GB of internal storage and loads of features.

The cheapest version of the 16GB unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 that you can get is $530 and the 32GB model is $630.

As of November 2012 in the US carriers have sold more units of the Note 2 than they have of the Galaxy S3 points out PH. Amazon say that the phablet comes in the 15 top most popular devices, with the most popular form of the device being the one on AT&T known as the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 LTE. This is followed on by Sprint’s version.

We were expecting to hear the LG Nexus 4, HTC One X+ or the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of sales. But given that those 3 devices aren’t available across all carriers, it wouldn’t have been as easy as it was for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to pull it off.

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