Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2: The Jury Is Out

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The US will see the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet unveiled in New York next week. The Note 2 has already debuted in Asia and Europe after being showcased at IFA 2012 in Berlin. So far there have been lots of reviews comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S3 – its stable mate and closest Android rival.

So, with this in mind we’ve had a look at what folks are saying about the upcoming showdown between these smartphone siblings.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review roundup

The International Business Times’ Alistair Charlton has said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the S3 look very similar indeed, apart from the change in size. They have the same port and button layout – the lock/power button on the right, volume control on the left, headphone jack on top and microUSB port for syncing and charging at the bottom.
Charlton thinks that despite the Note 2 having the better specs, the choice will be made on personal preference.

“If the bigger screen and stylus fit into your life – and you don’t mind your pocket being full – then the Note 2 is excellent. But if handwriting on your phone doesn’t appeal, the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers 95 percent of the Note, but in a smaller, easier to hold package,” he said.

We reckon that the phones are level-pegging in software, although the Note 2 does have the advantage of S-Pen. Not everyone is keen on stylus set-ups, though. And let’s not forget the multi-windows feature, I’m sure everyone wants that.

PhonesReview described the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as “useful for many daily functions” due to its bigger display and massive battery, as well as its camera. PR added: On the other hand both phones are pretty equal as far as software goes though some might enjoy the S Pen use that comes with the Note 2.

International Design Times’ Jacob Kleinman plumped for the Samsung Galaxy S3, claiming that it’s Samsung’s greatest smartphone, with the best and most powerful hardware available, with the sleekest design. The Note bunch will never best the S bunch in popularity or sales. The Note 2 will probably stay as a niche product among a minority of Android fans. The S3 will continue to reign supreme.

Kleinman gave the Samsung Galaxy S3 15 hours of talk time – more than twice that of the Note 2 and its 6.5 hours – as one of the main reasons for preferring the S3. He also pointed out that both phones have a 720p resolution. The S3 has a 4.8” screen, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a 5.5” screen, so the respective ppi values are 306 and 265.

So, as good as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is, it’s not likely to knock the S3 off its perch. If Samsung released a Note 2 Mini, then they might have a huge hit… or would that become an S3??

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has some awesome specs – S-Pen and the quad-core chip to name but two – but not many people will not want to sacrifice portability and comfort for these features.

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