Galaxy Note 2 vs One X+ vs Lumia 920: Samsung Pummels Rivals!

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There are a bewildering number of smartphones on the market, so it’s not surprising that shoppers can’t make their minds up. If you’re stuck between the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the HTC One X+ and the Nokia Lumia 920, we may be able to help you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One X+

The first thing you’ll notice about this trio is the displays. The Nokia Lumia 920 has 4.5 inches of LCD display, the HTC One X+ has 4.7 inches of S-LCD 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5” Super AMOLED screen. Each phone has its advantages – the Note 2 is massive, the One X+ performs well in bright light and the Lumia has a huge ppi, is the fastest of the three and works with gloves and fingernails. It’s a three-way draw! Display: Draw

The three are the company flagships with the latest operating systems. The Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the One X+ having Jelly Bean. WP8 is still a new OS, but already has great apps like Nokia Maps and Lens Caps apps. These aren’t good enough to pull people away from iOS 6 and Android, but they are perfectly good in their own rights, and are Nokia exclusive. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has S-Pen and all its charms, and also has things like improved screen rotation and multi-windows. These grouped with Android Jelly Bean gives the Note 2 an edge on the competition. Software: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The HTC One X+ comes in 32 and 64GB options, the Nokia Lumia 920 has 32GB, and neither has an SD slot, so you’ll need to be careful with your storage space. If storage is a big thing for you, then you’ll be more tempted by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has 64GB internal and up to 64GB on an SD card. It’s no contest, here. Storage: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Nokia Lumia 920 has a 1.5GHz dual-core chip and 1GB of RAM, the Note 2 is twice that, with 2GB of RAM and a 1.6GHz quad-core chip. The One X+ has a 1.7GHz quad-core with 1GB of RAM, so these two huge Androids walk all over the wee Lumia. Processor: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 both have 8MP rear cameras with LED flash and autofocus. The Nokia Lumia 920 has an 8.7MP camera with dual LED flash. This camera is pretty unbeatable in low light, thanks to PureView. The Lumia wins here. Rear Camera: Nokia Lumia 920

For front cameras, the Lumia has 1.3MP, the One X+ has 1.6MP and the Note 2 has 1.9MP, so the winner is the Note 2. Front Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Note 2 is doing well, but when it comes to design, it falls behind its rivals. The Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC One X+ are both stunning and made from high-end materials. The Lumia looks best of all in my opinion. Design: Nokia Lumia 920

All three phones have big batteries that should last all day, under moderate use, from one charge. The Lumia’s battery is 2,000mAh, the One X+ has 2,100mAh and the Note 2 wins with a 3,300mAh battery. Battery: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has won the most categories, with the Nokia Lumia 920 coming second. The One X+ brings up the rear. So Samsung wins this standoff.

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