Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Original Note: How It’s Better

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Samsung have just announced the Galaxy Note 2 and we’ve seen a vast number of improvements over the original Note. The Note 2 comes with even more power and features, including improved an S-Pen. It has a large 5.5 inch screen compared to the 5.3 inches of the original Note and has Jelly Bean pre-installed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a quad core processor with 2GB of RAM while the Note has 1GB and is dual core. The Note 2 also has a more powerful battery than the original Note which gives the user more time for talking and playing (3,100mAh vs 2,500mAh). The battery is also thinner which makes the weight of the Note 2 less.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is slimmer than the original. The Note 2 has also taken on a more curved appearance, much like that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. In fact, it has a higher clocked processor than the Samsung Galaxy S3 but the same quad-core chipset. The Note 2 also supports NFC whereas the Note did not.

Another major improvement is the S-Pen. It is longer and more natural to hold, making it feel like a real pen. The S-Pen has a couple of new functions as well including a record feature which follows your movements with the stylus and then can play it back. You can also activate the notepad from anywhere and scribble on anything you see on the screen.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a major improvement over the original model, but we don’t see Note owners jumping on the Note 2. Instead, those on the market for a Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X or other big-screen and powerful handset might want to consider the Note 2.

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