Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Annihilates iPhone 5: 4 Reasons Why

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The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just around the corner, ready for 24th October in the US. This is the follow up to the original Note and it comes with numerous improvements over its predecessor. With its stellar specs that even manage to outshine the the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, its biggest rival will now be the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 5 has popularity on its side, the Galaxy Note 2 has 4 advantages of its own.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a much bigger display than the iPhone 5 with its 4 inch screen. The Note 2 comes with a display of 5.5 inches that has the 16:9 ratio and this is superb when watching movies while out and about.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features more powerful multi-tasking than what is on the iPhone 5 or for that matter any Android phone. The Note 2 has split screen multi-tasking, allowing owners of the device to run multiple apps at the same time. This makes perfect use of the phone’s large display. Users are able to open up Facebook and open Twitter at the same time, or even open up the web browser and browse the web while having a movie play at the bottom. Multi-tasking works superbly thanks to the 2GB of RAM and the powerful quad core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the perfect device for anyone who likes a lot of storage room on their handset. It is offered in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions and it has support for microSD card. As apps and games are becoming larger in size the Galaxy Note 2 with up to 128GB of storage in total with SD card and the 64GB version, provides ample room.

Another plus with the Note 2 is the S Pen, which has been updated from that of the original Note. This alone makes the Note 2 a must have handset for productivity. The S Pen has a new ergonomic look and feel about it and the feedback is just like writing on paper with a pen. The pen also allows you to crop images and text very easily and it offers Airview, which allows you to hover the pen over things and get a preview. Quick Command also allows users to activate services easily by S Pen strokes. Idea Sketch makes use of the S Pen by providing illustrations that can match handwritten words.

Will these 4 killer Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features be enough to take the limelight away from the iPhone 5 at the end of this month? We’ll soon find out.

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