Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5: It’s Not About Specs

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A really odd comparison between handsets is the one between the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5. However given the uniqueness of the Note and the popularity of the iPhone 5, it had to be done!

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The guys at Sortable did this comparison, and found that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the better handset. Their comparison looked at design, display, popularity and performance. This comparison shows that a device’s specs can be outweighed by the popularity of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is superior in terms of specs. It’s not just about iOS 6 against Jelly bean, though. It’s about the screen size and resolution, the memory and the processor. These factors were all better in the Note 2 than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5, however, won out by a Yorkshire mile in the looks stakes, taking 53 points compared to 41.

The list of positives for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is longer than that of the iPhone 5, but the iPhone got 100 points for popularity, compared to 24 points for the Note 2. If a phone is popular it’ll sell, so while Apple isn’t doing so well on specs, it could beat its rivals in popularity alone.

Lots of people love the look of the iPhones, and after several years of familiarity and accumulating apps and music, they’re unwilling to migrate. Apple Maps, however, might irk some into defecting, but Apple veterans may still trust that Apple will fix any initial problems with software updates. A recent survey even showed that no one was put off by buying an iPhone 5 because of the maps debacle.

This comparison is interesting because it really is comparing oranges to apples. The phones are intended for different markets and people. If you don’t want to have to buy a phone AND a tablet, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet is the answer. If you like to keep things separate, then an iPhone 5 and an iPad is the solution.

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