Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5: Has Apple Lost Its Magic?

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The iPhone 5 is the latest iPhone from Apple and has a long line of successful smartphones to live up to. While the iPhone 5 is a solid upgrade over its predecessor, competition has gotten tougher lately and now Apple is being criticized for losing the once iconic status its iPhone brand had.

NMA: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5: Apple’s downfall

In addition to being accused of not being as innovative as it was in the past, Apple is also being accused of stifling the innovation of its rivals with the multiple ongoing lawsuits. Whatever it may be, the reputation of the iPhone brand is now on the line more than ever.

If you’re familiar with NMA World Edition, the Chinese satirical news agency then you must have seen their previous animated news reports. These are both hilarious and at the same time highly opinionated. Their latest is that about the downfall of Apple and its iPhone. In the video we see how the iPhone has come from its great standings to the iPhone 5 which is now facing tough rivalry against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and at the same time other Samsung phones.

Check out the video below and take it with a pinch of salt as there is heavily injected humor in it. I’m still laughing over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 scene in the washroom!

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