Would You Like Galaxy Note 2 More If Apple Made It?

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Apple revealed the Apple iPhone 5 back in September and with it came what many wanted, the larger 4 inch display. But the question is should Apple have given it an even larger display, perhaps 5 inches?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: phone vs phablet

The phablet is the latest phenomenon in the world of devices, with displays that are too big to be in the category of mobile phones, yet too small to be called tablets. While devices such as this may be difficult to hold for some, they are very popular.

Reuters have reminded us that the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its 4.8 inch display was the best-selling handset in 2012. Barclays have said that the shipping of devices with screens of at least 5 inches and larger like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will rise almost nine fold, to around 228 million before 2018. At the moment phablets have popularity in the region of Asia-Pacific, in countries such as Japan and South Korea they are large markets of opportunity, according to analysts.

Apple has been rather slow in regards to updating the display size of their smartphone. It has taken them 5 years to boost the size of the display from 3.5 inches. Apple said in a promotional video that when they made the display taller but not wider, more content can be seen, but the device is still easy to hold in one hand.

So would you like to see a larger Apple iPhone? Should Apple venture into the phablet market? Would you want a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 like device that was made by Apple? Perhaps something like an iPhone 5XL?

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