Galaxy Note 2 vs iPad Mini: Size Doesn’t Matter

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Apple unveiled the iPad Mini last week, so many people are wondering how it’ll compare to the smaller tablets already on the market. Lots of people think it’ll walk all over them despite its higher price tag. The iPad Mini will obviously be compared most closely to the 7” tablets, but how does it stand up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, another device that has its unique share of features and doesn’t have a budget price tag? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPad Mini

Hardware: The iPad Mini has an A5 chip – not the most up-to-date, but certainly not slow. This device also uses the PowerVR GPU, which gives solid gaming performance while staying fairly cook. The iPad Mini also has 1GB of RAM and comes in black and white versions. You can choose from 16, 32 and 64GB models.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a quad-core Exynos chip at 1.6GHz, 2GB of RAM, as well as a powerful GPU that gives amazing gaming. The Note 2 comes in 16 and 32GB options, with add-on SD support for up to 64GB. The Note 2 wins over the iPad Mini on chip, storage and RAM.

Display: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5” screen with a ppi of 306, which is more than the iPad Mini has. The iPad Mini doesn’t have a Retina display mind you. Of course the iPad Mini looks great because of its size, but it can’t beat the Note 2 in display tech, ppi, colour, brightness and deep blacks. If there was a clear shortcoming to the iPad Mini, it would have to be its display as it was criticized as much as its price tag.

Software & apps: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 runs on Jelly Bean – the latest Android OS, and the iPad Mini has iOS 6, which has 200 long awaited new features. If you’re looking for apps for larger tablet displays, the App Store has a broader selection than Google Play. The Note 2 doesn’t actually use tablet apps, rather the 600,000 Android phone apps. So, the iPad Mini wins clearly wins here on the apps front.

Camera: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has an 8MP rear and a 1.9MP front camera. The iPad Mini has a 5MP rear iSight camera and a 2MP front camera that can take 720p video. The camera has a five-element lens which makes for good image quality, even in low light. The Note 2 wins, though, because it has a faster camera and better picture reproduction. It’s also easier to actually take pics with the Note 2 given that it better fits in your hands.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wins more categories than the iPad Mini as it clearly has superior hardware. However there are clear trade-offs to since the iPad Mini has access to more tablet apps and its price tag is lower (the Galaxy Note 2 costs upwards of $500 unlocked).

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