Galaxy Note 2 vs DROID DNA [Spoiler: Korean For Gold]

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If you are with Verizon there are two great choices of phablets on the market in the form of the HTC Droid DNA and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So which of these two devices should you choose? The folks over at ZDNET compared both devices to each other in a range of tests and found that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came out on top. Why?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs HTC DROID DNA

ZDNET explained that if they had to make the choice between the two devices on Verizon then they would have to go for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 instead of the HTC Droid DNA. While both of the devices are superb, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with external storage via SD card and the battery can also be replaced. Another thing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has in its favour is the S Pen.

The S Pen feature is excellent and you may find that the more you use it, the more things you will find the pen useful for. There are no app incompatibilities nor are there any limitations on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and playing games like Angry Birds Star Wars on the handset and its 5.5 inch display was excellent.

Additionally, the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is larger than that of the HTC Droid DNA although the same cannot be said about its exterior styling. Despite this the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is crowned the winner.

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