Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update Has Its Quirks

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Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2 last year and bragged about the battery life of the device. However following the N7100XXDLL7 update battery life is rubbish for some users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life complaints after update

Recent tests have shown that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 drains faster following the update. This means that it is not just Apple who can’t get updates right. However at least this problem is not as bad as the Samsung Galaxy S3 sudden death issue and the update is not a major one. However there may be another update coming soon to remedy the problem.

So just how bad is the battery drain on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 following the update? Before owners have said that their device would last around 7.5 hours under heavy usage. After the update some have said that this has been reduced to around 6.5 or 7 hours. Some users say that when using the handset on a day to day basis their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would last around 36 hours, now this has gone down to 24 hours.

Users are saying that they will not go for the minor update and instead wait for the update to 4.2.1 or 4.2.2. It does seem that there could be another issue with the update and this is related to the Message app making a disappearing act from the home screen. One user said that they also dislike the slim clock, which is new.

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