Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Not So Huge In Real Life, That Is If You Are Lebron James

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What’s better than a large basketball player to show off a smartphone that many may find too big to handle!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ad featuring Lebron James

That’s exactly what the folks over at Samsung did with their latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Korean company enlisted star basketball player Lebron James to showcase their massive 5.5-inch phablet in their latest commercial.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ad shows Lebron using the phablet as the cameras follow him through what is supposedly a typical day. Now given Lebron’s massive hands, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 actually looks no bigger than your average smartphone. In fact that’s just about what the iPhone 5 looks like in my hands!

The ad shows us some of the best features the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has to offer and is in fact very well executed. Well enough chatter, check out the clip below to see the larger than life athlete show off a larger than life smartphone.

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