Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2: Unstoppable vs Inevitable

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the long awaited big brother of the S2 and the Galaxy Note will also have an offspring in the form of the Galaxy Note 2 given the success of the phablet, reports NextBigFuture (NBF).

Samsung Galaxy S3 & Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (2012 Samsung flagship phones)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 as we know comes with a quad core processor which is clocked at 1.4GHz per core. The chip has been tweaked by Samsung but is based on the ARM Cortex A9 processor. Benchmarks have shown that the Exynos 4212 is the fastest in the world and leaves competitors behind. The display of the S3 is 4.8 inches with a pixel resolution of 1280×720 and pixel density of 306.

Samsung have also been preparing a big brother to the Galaxy Note, the Note 2, reports NBF. The original Note has sold more than 7 million devices to date. The latest version is thought to be set for an October which is exactly one year after the current model debuted. Rumors claim a 5.5 inch screen with a pixel density of 360 at 1680×1050. The screen will be no-Plus Super AMOLED and is said to be more efficient than RGB AMOLED Plus screens.

The Note 2 will have a lot of the features that are seen in the Galaxy S3 including Smart Stay, NFC, S Voice, S Beam and many others. It has also been suggested that the Note 2 CPU will have either 1.5GB or 2GB of RAM and the chipset is likely to be the Exynos 5250. It should run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and have connectivity for 4G. The camera should be at least 8 megapixels and of course the stylus will be present.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already broken pre-order records in the UK, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to trump sales of its predecessor, the original Note, with ease. Anyone plan on holding out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 later this year or are you already smitten by the S3?

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