Samsung Galaxy Note 2 May Have Competition From Sony Soon

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Today’s smartphones may look alike but function in very different ways. One particular difference you will see platform to platform is the use of haptic feedback.

This is because it is a matter of personal preference; you either love it or hate it. Apple for instance sticks with no feedback. Some users say that feedback makes them feel more in control. However it will never be the same as using pen and paper, although it’s close with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its friction-tipped stylus.

Sony phablet may challenge Samsung Galaxy Note 2 stylus

Sony however could be about to change things according to a recent patent which relates to a new kind of stylus. The stylus will come with friction based haptic feedback tech.

At the moment Sony doesn’t have a tablet or phablet with a stylus on the market. Therefore they could be planning on releasing a device next year. Also there is more than just one patent here. However they do all share the same thing and that is to provide the stylus with the feeling of friction while it is being used on the screen. This means that the stylus could essentially glide over the screen or if pressed harder it would be harder to move it on the display. In theory a stylus that has a rolling ball mechanism which would allow you to increase or decrease the friction, sounds very easy, however it would be harder putting it into practice.

One thing is for sure and that is that technology such as this would be impressive and would bring something totally new to touchscreen devices. Everyone was pleased with the improvements that Samsung made with the Galaxy Note 2. The stylus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a different tip than on the first model which does give it a little more friction but nothing that reduces its movement based on pressure.


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