Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: An S3 & Then Some!

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When Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the world there were some people who said that it looked the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3, only larger. The two did share similar looks, but then larger device does have a lot more to offer.

You can choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in marble white or titanium grey and the device has the same layout in regards to the home and volume buttons.

Some people thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note was way too big for it to be popular. However they were proven wrong and it was popular. So much so that Samsung then went on the design the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and this was bigger. However thanks to the clever design of the thin bezel it didn’t look bigger, even with a display of 5.5 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a screen ratio of 16:9 and for anyone who wants to watch movies, this is superb. You do have to have large hands though to handle the device with ease, and you might want to invest in a Bluetooth headset, the handset can get heavy in the hand when making a long call.

Samsung made improvements to the device and these make it stand out from the Samsung Galaxy S3. For instance the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a quad core processor of 1.6GHz and this is combined with 2GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is dual core over in the US and it has 2GB of RAM. While internationally it is a quad core with 1GB of RAM. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 having the best of both, it wins.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with 16GB of internal storage and you can add on more with SD card. The device has Jelly Bean 4.1, along with Project Butter. This means that apps do run very smoothly.

It comes with a 3100mAh battery, while the predecessor had a batter of 2500mAh. You should get 12 hours of talking from the handset. The device had to have a larger battery to provide power to the larger display and the LTE.

It packs an 8 megapixel camera along with a camera of 1.9 on the front. There have been improvements made to the battery, over that in the Samsung Galaxy S3. You should be able to enjoy videos for around 7 hours, something that was tested by looping the video. This means that while the handset may be larger, it doesn’t have to be charged more.

One of the features that stand out is the S Pen. There have been some improvements made here and it has the feel of you writing on paper with a pen. Apps that use the S Pen include Quick Command, Easy Clip and Air View. Air View is perfect for previewing content and Easy Clip allows owners to clip and crop photos, which can then be shared.

However one thing that makes the device stand out is Multi-View. This allows owners to open two apps which may then be re-sized independently of the other.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the phablet that others will have to beat and Samsung have set the standards high. It has been a popular device, having sold over 5 million units so far. Some people will want to remain with the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it is smaller; however they will miss out on all the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has to offer, including the large display, bigger battery, S Pen and a powerful processor.

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