Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: A Bigger, Badder S3

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People have said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks just like a bigger Samsung Galaxy S3, however there is much more to the device.

The things which make the device look similar include the thin bezel along with the layout of the home, menus and volume buttons. The handset is available in marble white or titanium grey.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was first released people said that it would not be popular. However the handset did. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 isn’t much bigger even though the display is 5.5 inches, and this is down to the bezel, which is thin. The handset comes with a ratio of 16:9, which means it is superb for watching movies. Anyone with large hands will love the handset, however if you are taking longer calls, it can get uncomfortable.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hardware has been improved over that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with the Exynos 1.6GHz processor along with 2GB of RAM. The version in the US of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is dual core with 2GB of RAM, while internationally this is the quad core and 1GB of RAM. This means that it cannot beat the four cores and the 2GB RAM which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 16GB of storage internally and you can boost it to 80GB thanks to SD card. The device has Android 4.1 and the thanks to the quad core and Project Butter, it is very fast. It is faster than the Jelly Bean version of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a battery of 3100mAh, up from the 2500mAh of the original. This means that you should get around 12 hours talking, as well as the battery having to power the larger display and LTE. There is a camera of 1.9 megapixel on the front and an 8 megapixel on the back. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is only just better than the one on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, both handsets were tested with looped video and offered 7 hours. Therefore it doesn’t mean that the larger body needs to be charged more often.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with the S Pen, which has been improved. It now offers friction which feels as though you are writing on paper. When you take the S Pen from the dock you have access to Quick Command, Easy Clip and Air View. Easy Clip is perfect for cropping images and then sharing them. Air View allows you to preview content when you hover the pen over it.

The S Pen feature is great, however Multi-Windows is even better. When it comes to multi-tasking Samsung excel. Multi-Windows means that you can run two apps independently of each other in two different windows and resize them.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the phablet that others will be modeled on and it will become popular, despite it being large. Samsung have said that they have sold 3 million already. There are some that will go for the smaller devices; however they will not know just what they are missing out on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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