Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: More Than A Big S3

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So, we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks like a big Galaxy S3, but we also know it’s much more than that, don’t we?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

The huge screen on the Note 2, as well as the thin bezel and the distinctive layout of the menu, home and volume buttons do make it look like a super-sized S3. You can choose between titanium grey and marble white options, too.

The first Galaxy Note was dismissed as a freakishly large phone that’d never catch on, but catch on it did, and with a 5.5” screen, the Note 2 isn’t that much bigger, thanks to the thin bezel. It also has a 16:9 ratio that makes viewing films a pleasure. If you’ve got big hands you’ll get on fine with this handset, but you may need a Bluetooth headset for longer calls, as it gets a bit uncomfortable after a while.

The Galaxy hardware sees a big improvement from the S3, as well. The Note 2 has a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos chip and 2GB of RAM. The US version of the Galaxy s3 has two cores and 2GB of RAM, and the international version has 1GB of RAM and four cores, so you can’t argue with the four cores and 2GB of RAM in the Note 2.

The Note 2’s 16GB of internal storage can bump up to 80GB with SD, and it runs on Android 4.1. The quad-core chip and Project Butter mean serious speed, and it’s way faster than even the Jelly Bean Galaxy S3.

The Note 2’s battery has grown from 2,500mAh to 3,100mAh, which gives 12 hours of talktime, as well as powering LTE and a bigger display. Cameras – we have 8MP in the back and 1.9MP in front. The Galaxy S3 battery, according to tests, is only slightly better than the Note 2’s, with both devices offering seven hours of looped video, so bigger body doesn’t mean more charging.

The Note 2’s S-Pen is revamped and ergonomic. It also offers a bit of paper-like haptic friction. You can use the S-Pen as soon as you take it out of its dock. Quick Command, Easy Clip and Air View are widgets you’ll come to know and love. Easy Clip is where you crop images before transferring or sharing them, and Air View previews content files when you hover the S-Pen over them.

S-Pen is ace, but it’s the multi-Windows that are best. Samsung has rewritten multitasking. You can run two apps on a split screen, and you can adjust the size of each screen independently of the other.

The Galaxy Note 2 has reinvented the phablet, and it’ll sell despite its size. More than three million have sold already. Some will still go for the smaller Galaxy S3, but they’ll be missing out on a ton of features. Have a look and a fiddle with the Note 2 before nixing it – you’ll fall for the immense hardware and intuitive trickery. You will!

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