Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: Kicks S3 Butt If It Weren’t Such A Porker

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It does indeed look like a big Galaxy S3, it has a big screen, thin bezel and rounded corners. There’s a home button in the middle, touch buttons for menu and home along the sides…. You can get either a marble white or a grey one.

The original Note was slated for its size, with many saying it’d never make it as an everyday phone, but it proved them all wrong. The Note 2 is 5.5”, not that much bigger than the first Note, and the 16:9 ratio makes watching films amazing.
If your hands are big, you’ll get on fine with this phone, although it can get a bit uncomfortable to hold it to your ear for long calls. You’ll need a Bluetooth headset.

The Note 2’s hardware is also a big step-up from the Galaxy S3. It has a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos chip and 2GB of RAM. The US GS3 is dual-core with 2GB of RAM, while the international version has 2GB of RAM and dual-cores. The Note 2 has four cores AND 2GB of RAM, so it covers both bases.

The Note 2’s 16GB of internal storage can be boosted to 80GB with SD, and it runs Jelly Bean. Its four cores and Project Butter mean the Note 2 is whippet-quick on screen changes and app launches.

The 3,100mAh battery in the Note 2 is a lot bigger than the 2,500mAh battery in its predecessor, giving 12 hours of talk, as well as powering LTE and a big screen. It has an 8MP rear, and a 1.9MP front camera. Tests have shown that the Galaxy S3 is only marginally better for battery than the Note 2, with both phones running a loped video for around seven hours. So, that big size doesn’t mean a bigger electricity bill after all….

The Note 2 has got a revamped, newly ergonomic S-Pen. You feel a bit of friction, so you could almost be writing on paper, and the stylus is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the dock. There are some widgets you’ll love at first sight – Air View, which lets your preview the content in files by hovering the S-Pen over them, for example. There’s also Easy Clip, which means you can crop images and share or transfer them at ease.

As good as S-Pen is, it’s the multi-tasking windows that have to take the prize. You can run two apps at the same time, and change the sizes of the split screens independently of each other.

The Galaxy Note 2 has changed the phablet game, and is bound to be a best-seller. Some people might shy away from its size and bag a Galaxy S3 instead, but they’ll be missing out. The Note 2 has way more features and really isn’t that much bigger, really. Don’t just write the Galaxy Note 2 off as a big GS3, as that extra size holds many more tricks and capabilities than you’d imagine.

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