Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: The Bottom Line

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I recently did a thorough review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 covering every aspect of its hardware, design and software. While everything you needed to know about the latest phablet was explained, what I left out was our personal opinion of the new Note. So here’s the bottom line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review: bottom line

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 size is great, while at the same time being a hindrance. The device is large enough to be considered to be in the tablet category, or phablet at the very least, but this brings with it benefits that phones don’t have, while at the same time giving the device challenges of its own.

The sheer size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 means that using it with one hand is not practical. This limits the device a lot when it comes to fans. The size of the handset will leave some feeling foolish holding it up to their ear to take or make a call. However while it feels, and may looks strange, those who are willing to use two hands will find that the device does meet any challenges that you put in its way.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is more than capable of running apps and games and the tablet like experience means that reading on the large display is a pleasure. The S Pen is packed with useful features, including annotating photos and it comes in handy for navigation in media apps. The original Note did suffer from some lagging, system wide; however the Note 2 offers users a very smooth experience, along with a dynamic one.

While the device is too large to be called a phone and too small to be classed as being a tablet, if you can find a compromise between the two form factors, you will love it. The screen alone will be the reason many users will be drawn to it, and is also why the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is my next phone.

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