Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: A “Hulk S3”

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is among us, and it’s shaping up to be an impressive and more “finished” version of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks like the S3 – round corners, wisp-thin bezel and a massive screen. There’s a home button in the centre and touch buttons down the sides – one is for the menu and one for the home button.

The first Note was thought too big and people reckoned it wouldn’t be used as a phone on a day-to-day basis because of the size. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5” screen, but it’s not THAT much bigger. Its screen aspect is 16:9 and this makes watching HD videos on that Super AMOLED screen amazing.

If you have big hands or long fingers you’ll be OK with the Note 2. However, you’ll want a Bluetooth headset otherwise because it does get cumbersome against your ear after a while. You’ll have a choice between marble white and titanium grey.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features are gob-smacking! It has a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor and 2GB of RAM. There’s 16GB of internal storage and this can be boosted up by another 64GB. It’s on Jelly Bean – the first handset to have it out of the box. You WILL be amazed by its speed – it’s faster even than the Samsung Galaxy (likely attributed to Project Butter and its quad-core processor).

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 3,100mAh is an upgrade from the 2,500mAh battery of the original Note and gives you 12 hours of talk. The bigger battery is needed because of the LTE and bigger screen, and the Note 2 also has an 8MP rear and a 1.9MP front camera.

The Note 2 has the revamped S-Pen with new widgets. The stylus has been redesigned to be easier to manipulate, and its tip gives a bit of friction and feels like writing on paper. Once the stylus is out of its dock it’s ready to go – you’ll have Airview, Easy Clip and Quick Command. With Easy Clip you can crop images and share them or put them into different apps. Airview lets you preview messages and videos by hovering the stylus over them.

So much for S-Pen and TouchWiz – the biggest feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the multi-tasking windows. Samsung has redefined multi-tasking for Android, and this feature had better become platform-wide as it is pure genius.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has revolutionised the phablet-game. It’s great, and should sell well despite its size. Some will still go for the Samsung Galaxy S3 solely because it’s smaller, but they’ll be opting for second best in other respects.

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