Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: Hey Android, Whose Your Daddy?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now out and it is one very impressive handset. It is bigger and better than its predecessor and a lot more polished.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks a lot like the Galaxy S3, the current king of the Android realm, with its round corners and the large AMOLED screen. It has a home button in the middle of the handset and touch buttons on either side of this. One of these is the back button and the other provides fast access to the menu.

However some people said that the 5.3 inch screen on the original Note was too big and if you were one of these people then you will not want to consider the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at 5.5 inches. The Note 2 has a 16:9 aspect ratio and it is great for watching videos in HD on the 1280 x 720 display.

While there is no getting around the fact that this is a large device, whether you can manage it will depend on your hand size. It may be too cumbersome to hold to the ear for extended periods of time.

There are numerous impressive features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it is very powerful thanks to the Exynos 1.6GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM. It comes with Jelly Bean installed and it is very impressive. It feels faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which runs slightly slower and has ICS.

The battery is a large 3100mAh and this gives up to 12 hours of talking. The larger battery is needed thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 having support for LTE and the very large display. The camera on the handset is 8 megapixels and there is a front camera of 1.9 megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with S Pen and many other features. The stylus has been redesigned and is now easier to use and it has more friction and feels just as though you are writing on real paper with a pen. Just take the stylus from the dock and up pops applications. These include Easy Clip, Airview and Quick Command. Easy Clip is excellent for cropping images, which can then be pasted into apps. Airview will allow you to preview photos and videos along with emails, simply by hovering the pen above them.

The TouchWiz interface is the excellent as ever and the multi-tasking windows on the device are a feature which stands out. The Samsung Note 2 is highly polished, much better than the original, however due to its size it may not be suitable for everyone.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Note 2 is more faster, bigger and has some extra features that the S3 doesn’t have (Jelly Bean, S-Pen, multi-windows, new kind of rotating screen). So it looks like there may be a new Android king very soon.

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