Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Big Screen Worth The Inconveniences?

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The research you have to do before deciding which smartphone to go for is almost a big a commitment as the two-year contract you sign. If you prefer Android then you really have your work cut out for you – if you’re after a big screen you could opt for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and if you’re after a REALLY big screen there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: is it worth getting a phablet?

You might be tempted to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 simply because the Note 2 is more expensive at the moment, but the extra cost may well be worth it given it has better hardware. The main drawback though that many people may face with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the sheer size – people are going to notice it tucked not-so discreetly in your pocket (if you can fit it in your pocket, that is). It’s quite a bit bigger compared to the Galaxy S3, and massive compared to the iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6GHz quad-core chip that’s a bit faster than the S3, and it comes with Jelly Bean, so no waiting around for an upgrade. It also manages to stick in LTE and 2GB of RAM just like the S3 but with the added benefit of being quad-core. This makes for a great phone for gamers.

Once you’re used to the size of the phone, you’ll fall in love with the display. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has got a lot going for it with that 4.8” screen, but 5.5” is bigger and better still. If you’re serious about your mobile gaming and wouldn’t consider a handheld like the PSP2, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might just work.

Playing games on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a joy compared to even the iPhone 5 and its new taller screen. You also have to remember that a lot of the game apps aren’t optimised for the taller iPhone screen yet, although they will catch up, no doubt. As yet, though, the bigger screen isn’t helping Apple fans much. It is also important to remember that the bigger screen is great for watching videos and even GPS navigation given that you will be mounting the phone somewhere in your car when your eyes are on the road and hands on the wheel.

While it may not become on par with gaming handhelds, because it does actually happen to be a smartphone as well (it’s easy to overlook this fact!), it definitely worth a punt. That 5.5-inch screen is worth the “pocket torture” in my book!

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