Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: Bigger Is Better

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a superb 5.5 inch display and it could just be the ideal phone if you happen to be bigger than the average person.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Samsung say that the device offers the best of both worlds thanks to it having the large display, which is one of the largest on any phone on the market, and the best hardware you can find on any phone at the moment. This means that if you like reading books, magazines or you play video games, this is a great device.

However the quality of the display at 1280 x 720 HD is not so good, as images do often appear to be washed out and not as sharp as on the S3 for example. However the display is excellent for those who like to read nevertheless.

App such as Google Play magazines and Google Play Books are superb. These make good use of the display and make you feel as though you are getting the most from the real estate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as it is in line with e-book devices and small tablets.

The quad core processor of 1.6GHz is excellent for those who love to play games and while it may not have the control pad like on handhelds, the display is larger than that of the likes of the PlayStation Vita.

One of the other outstanding things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the S Pen stylus. This is an excellent tool. Whatever you can do with pen and paper, you can do better and faster on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The stylus is also brilliant when it comes to texting on the Note 2 as it is excellent when it comes to recognising what you wrote on the screen.

Most people will have to use two hands with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, however there is a way of using one hand, if you can get the hang of it, thanks to being able to move the keyboard to one side of the device via the Settings option.

The original Note had the 5.3 inch display and the Galaxy Note 2 may have the larger display, but is still has the same size and shape. The two devices are also around the same in thickness and weight, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the taller and the narrower of the two devices.

When you compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 against other handsets, it is very big, even the Galaxy S3 with its 4.8 inch display looks small at the side of the Note 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a camera on the front and an 8 megapixel camera on the back. The device has NFC, which means you can send photos to other devices running Android.

The speaker of the Note 2 is great and it is louder than on most other handsets, however it isn’t much better in quality.

When it comes to battery life you should get around 7 hours of use from the handset. This means you can do a combination of web surfing, streaming movies and playing games to last last a short to medium flight.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 works on Jelly Bean 4.1 and should get updates to the more recent Android OS.

One let down with the device is that you only have 16GB of internal storage. This happens to be a shame when you consider the fact that it comes with a price tag of $299 on contract of two years with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. T-Mobile also sells it for $250 with payments of $20 a month for a period of 20 months on the Value plan.

For the price tag of $299 you are usually able to get a handset that comes with around 32GB of internal storage. On the plus side the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with support for SD card up to 64GB, so you won’t run out of storage.

If you have large enough hands or don’t mind using two then you will love the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as it proves that bigger is better.

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