Galaxy Note 2 Review: Best Feature Is Also Its Worst

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The king of Android smartphones at the moment is arguably the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as it has now gone over the 5 million mark when it comes to sales. There are other high end devices on the market; however the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is possibly the most powerful device you can readily buy at this time. Here is what critics have had to say about the phablet so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review roundup: display criticized

The Verge gave it a score of 8.5 out of 10. They said that the only downsides to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the fact that the display was not perfect and there could have been more apps to make use of the S Pen. They also criticised the device for having a plastic look to it.

Meanwhile Engadget said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gave the best in market performance and that the S Pen, with its updates, blew its predecessor out of the water. They also said that Jelly Bean was solid and it had plenty of extra features that will ensure that it is tempting to those who have even the smallest of hands.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 falls into the phablet category, a cross between a phone and tablet, it will not completely replace the iPad or the Nexus 7 because its display was too small in that respect.

The folks over at IDT said that while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did have top notch hardware, it would always come behind the S3. This is because of its large display that would put off most buyers.

So it looks like the main features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which actually had the Note series coin the term “phablet” – the display – is also its biggest hindrance. Some find it too big, others too small, and some even said that it wasn’t prefect for other reasons.

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