Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gets A Price Tag, Still Cheaper Than iPhone 4S

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Samsung announced their Galaxy Note 2 just a week ago and we now the folks over at Recombu have some information regarding the price of the device. It isn’t cheap of course but then we didn’t expect it to be.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets preliminary price tags

Vodafone Germany was the first to announce they would be offering the device and they were followed by 3 in the UK. Vodafone also offered pricing in way of both the SIM free device and the contract device.

A placard was seen at the IFA suggesting that the device would be available without contract for around £500, with the cost of the handset on the Superflat Internet Plus plan being around 79.90 Euros. This means that you could get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with unlimited phone calls to those in Germany using Vodafone and landlines. It includes 3000 any network texts along with unlimited data which is throttled at 500 MB.

At the moment there is no word on how much the handset would cost in the UK. It is also thought that as Vodafone will offer the handset other carriers such as Orange, T-Mobile and O2 will also have it in the UK.

As for the mentioned price points at IFA, it still comes in at lesser than what you would expect to pay for an iPhone 4S, despite the device being almost a year old.

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