Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pre-Orders Open Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch

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Everyone was wondering when Samsung would announce the Galaxy Note 2 going on sale. Rumors have been flying around that it should happen before the iPhone 5 launch so Samsung could secure as many sales as possible before the big Kahuna lands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 goes up for pre-order via multiple retailers on eve of iPhone 5 launch

Well today we have found out that a website in the UK, Clove, is delivering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for £544.98 and this includes free insurance, delivery and an unlocked device. This news comes just hours before Apple launch their iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be pre-ordered from Unlocked Mobiles as well who say that the release date for the handset will be on 15th October and they provide residents of the UK with a phone number to call if they have questions.

Those in the US have seen images leaked of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launching on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. It is possible that Verizon will also get the device despite rumors going around that they wouldn’t.

So would you be happy to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 without an official release date for the device?

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