Did Galaxy Note 2 & DROID RAZR HD Miss Google’s Memo?

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Those who are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hoping that it will come with the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean, may be in for huge disappointment. There is a rumor going around that the device will actually come with Android 4.0 installed despite the fact that Jelly Ban is showing up on devices already.

Motorola DROID RAZR HD & Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may launch with Android 4.0 ICS instead

Samsung have never been among the fastest of mobile manufacturers to release updates. However Jelly Bean has been announced so you would assume that a new device would come with it pre-installed. At the moment those who have the Samsung Galaxy S3 are still waiting to be updated but it is thought that this will be just around the corner.

Fans waiting for the Droid Razr HD from Motorola thought they might have had better luck. However video leaks of the handset have shown that it has Android 4.0 ICS installed too. The Motorola DROID Razr HD is said to be launching around October. It took Motorola almost 6 months to get the ICS update onto the Razr Maxx, so it could mean the Razr HD may not see Jelly Bean until next year. Of course by then it could be that there is another update announcement (Key Lime Pie?).

So when the two new devices are released, it could be a case of them being outdated even on the day of their launch, especially if rumors of 5 Nexus Jelly Bean phones coming in October-November are true.

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