Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rival Now Official, Set For Collision Course

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LG have announced in a rather roundabout way that the LG Optimus Vu is coming to Verizon sometime during this quarter. The recent press release did not mention Verizon but they did say that the handset would be launched in the US during Q3 of this year.

Verizon LG Optimus Vu looks set for Q3 release date, go head on with Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We have already seen the variant of the Optimus Vu passed by the FCC on Verizon and it has support for 4G LTE. Therefore it is reasonable to believe that it will indeed by Verizon the new device is launched on.

So what might the price be set at when the handset is released? At the moment no one is letting on. The handset comes with a 5 inch display and it has superb specs. However the handset is considered to be a niche product as it has one of the most random of display ratios on a handset. This could put a lot of people off. Furthermore, rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will launch this month means major competition for the Vu.

It is possible that the device would be launched for around $149 on contract with Verizon, maybe as low as $99. Droid-Life were able to spend time with the handset when they visited the CTIA in May, however they were unimpressed with it.

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