Samsung Preps New Galaxy Phone To Rival iPhone 5 In Just 9 Days

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Samsung have just sent out invitations to the press announcing an event that is scheduled to take place on New York on 15th August. According to Wired, officially, they have said it is for a new Galaxy device. The blog adds however that unofficially, a spokesman who doesn’t want to be named has said that they will be releasing a new Galaxy Note in August. If this is true, they may be releasing it ahead of Apple revealing their iPhone 5 which is rumored to only happen in September or October.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to take on iPhone 5 this fall

There has always been rivalry between the two giants of tech and currently they are in court arguing over design patents. The war between them for the best device will continue if Samsung reveals a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in August and Apple the iPhone 5 on 12th September. Other iPhone 5 rumors also hint at a display larger than that on the 4S.

Large screens are of course something that Samsung excel in with the Nexus having a 4.65 inch, the Galaxy S3 a 4.8 inch screen and the original Note a huge 5.3 inch touchscreen along with stylus. Some say the screen on the Note is too large for a mobile phone but despite this millions of the handsets have been sold and the device has been a hit with consumers. The follow up could have a screen that is even bigger than the original; this was seen with the Nexus and the Nexus S and the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2.

Of course, not all large screened handsets are a success. Dell found this out with the Dell Steak with its 5 inch screen. The device sold so poorly that Dell gave up on entering into the world of smartphones.  However we doubt the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would encounter such a faith.


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