iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Battle Of Mythical Proportions

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An epic battle will take place when Apple release the iPad Mini and Samsung reveal their Galaxy Note 2. Both devices are looking to carve out their own niches and looking for buyers who want something bigger than a standard smartphone screen and smaller than that of a tablet.

iPad mini vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

A Korean newspaper has said that the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung will be released on 7th October. If it is, it would have been out one week before Apple releases the iPhone 5, providing of course that the rumors about the handset are true. Following this Apple are expected to reveal their iPad Mini, which will be the smallest ever iPad, with a display of under 8 inches.

Therefore the two Apple products would be in competition with the the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 of course. The Note 2 is thought to have a screen of 5.5 inches and it will be an HD display. It will also have a quad core processor and it may come with the latest Jelly Bean OS.

The iPad mini is thought to have a screen of 7.8 inches, run the latest iOS 6 and come with 4G LTE support.

Samsung products have the reputation of being cheaper than Apple’s when it comes to smartphones but not tablets. So there’s a good chance that the iPad mini will cost a lot less than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If the LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has an unlocked price tag of  $499 then this could very well be a tablet, or phablet should we say, that would be a game changer. As for the iPad mini, if it can match the $199 price tag of the Google Nexus 7 then we can once again expect Apple to continue dominating the tablet market.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 capable of making calls and the iPad mini solely functioning as a smaller tablet, your final choice will ultimately depend on what you need first, and then the price. Do you need a solid tablet that’s still very portable, or a device that can replace your phone as well.

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