Galaxy Note 2 & Ascend Mate Emasculate The iPhone 5!

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The Huawei Ascend Mate was revealed at CES 2013 just a couple of days ago and its massive 6.1-inch display came as a reality check for many.

Size matters: Huawei Ascend Mate vs iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy Note 2

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 held the title before with its 5.5-inch display, the Ascend Mate showed us just how much bigger a phone could be before being called a tablet. So just how much bigger is this phablet versus other devices on the market?

We went hunting for a couple of videos from CES that showed the Ascend Mate side by side with its potential rivals. Two very interesting ones were that which put it side by side with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5.

The first video shows that the specs of the Ascend Mate do manage to match the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in every way and also has those who thought the Note 2 was too big to think twice.

The second video which puts it next to the iPhone 5 and leaves us speechless. The difference it too much to explain in numbers really as the 4-inch versus 6.1-inches is not really graspable until you see if with your own eyes. So check out the 2 videos below to see what we mean.

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