Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Impressions From A Note 1 Owner

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Samsung have recently released the Galaxy Note 2 and it has come with many new features and choiced hardware upgrades. I manage to get a brief hands on at the unveiling a couple of weeks ago and being a Note user since last year, there were a couple of things I took away from the brief time with its successor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands on

The HD Super AMOLED display of 5.5 inches is bright and despite it being large, the handset is not difficult to hold in the hand. This is thanks to the device being a little taller but not as wide as the original Note. The device comes with curved edges, which gives it a look similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and makes holding it easier.

The S Pen, which featured in the original Note, has now been redesigned and tweaked and as soon as you take the pen from its sleeves, up pops software to use with the pen. The Air View feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is excellent as you can just hover over an email with the S Pen to get previews. The same applies in S Planner, the image gallery and videos. You can also use the Quick Command to add your own shortcuts to launch apps. With its thicker proportions and more friction on the tip, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pen is much more “realistic” to use compared to the original. I personally stopped using my S-Pen around 4 months into owning the device but can see how this one in particular may survive past the novelty phase.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 feels very responsive and fast and it runs on Jelly Bean, which is the latest Android OS. The device comes with a quad core processor of 1.6GHz and 2GB of RAM. It has a camera on the back of 8 megapixels and a large 3100mAh battery. It certainly feels more speedy than its predecessor, especially when it comes to returning to the homescreen and launching common apps like SMS and Calls.

One of the features I immediately fell in love with was the new multi-windows which lets you split that gigantic screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 into 2 parts and run separate apps simultaneously. I can see myself upgrading from the current Note just for this and think it should become a default feature on all Android devices.

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