Samsung Galaxy Note 2: A Feature That’ll Blow Your Mind!

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with numerous tricks thanks to S features and TouchWiz. Today we thought that we would look at one of the features that really make it worth buying and this is multi-windows.

This happens to be a very helpful feature to have around and it is one that makes the device worth purchasing. If Google takes note of just how good it is they could include it in Key Lime Pie.

The multi-window feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reminds you a little of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This feature works with the stock browser, S Note, messages and it works with some of the stock apps too. Check out the video to find out how useful the feature is.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the feature makes it over to other Samsung Galaxy handsets very soon. We have already seen it with the Samsung Galaxy S3 but are still waiting for it to make its way to the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 of course offers the large 5.5 inch display of Super AMOLED, it comes with the Exynos quad core, 2GB of RAM, a large battery and it also comes with 4G LTE support.

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