US Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Features Get Butchered

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Earlier this week we discussed about an amazing feature in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which let you switch screen modes based on the content you were viewing. Just like you can on conventional TVs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lets you choose between Game Mode, Movie Mode and more.

As awesome as that feature was, we ended up being disappointed as it was left out of the US version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now there are reports that another feature is missing in the US Note 2.

Some US Samsung Galaxy Note 2 models missing multi-windows feature

One feature that does stand out on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is multi-windows. This means that users are able to run more than one app in split screen, which takes multi-tasking on handsets one step further. However there has been some disappointment as the T-Mobile model we tinkered with lacks this feature.

To enter into the split mode you would long press the back key. However it seems that some of the devices have come with the older firmware, which doesn’t have multi-tasking.

So why didn’t Samsung ensure that the phablet was shipped with this firmware? This of course could have been overlooked by Samsung and at the moment it’s not known how many devices have been shipped with the older firmware.

On the good side is the fact that this could be remedied with a future update. However when the update would come out to fix the issue, is anyone’s guess. At the moment Samsung have not made a comment on the issue.

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