Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Follows S3, More Color Choices Coming Apparently

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Not everyone wants the standard black or white handset, many want colours. Samsung have come to realise this and they offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 in various colour choices. It seems that they may be about to do the same now for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 Mini suggests Product-Reviews.

More Samsung Galaxy Note 2 color choices in the works?

Right now you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in blue, white, brown, black, grey and red. It seems that soon the S3 Mini and the Note 2 will be on sale in three different colours and these colours should be out next year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be coming in Ruby wine, Topaz blue and Amber brown.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will come in Onyx black, Garnet red and Titan Grey and these should be available from next month or possibly at the start of 2013.

At the moment there has not been confirmation of this and so it is a rumour only points out the blog. So whether or not the colours will become available we will have to wait and see. I personally am waiting to see if there is a white LG Nexus 4.

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