Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Has A Secret New Weapon

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Samsung are pushing the features of their S-Pen on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. They showed this in a video which teased about what the pen could actually do reports Product-Reviews. The pen is something that has been around since the Note 10.1 and so we know about the abilities it has, however it hasn’t exactly been exploited to its full extent just yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to expand S-Pen apps compatibility to include Adobe Photoshop?

Today there have been rumors about the S Pen that will come with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it is released. It looks as though the device will come with many apps that make good use of the S Pen feature. These will include games and software such as Flag Challenge. There are also apps on the Play Store that will take advantage of the S Pen, such as Sketchbook Pro.

However those may seem like peanuts compared to speculations that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will come come with Adobe Photoshop Touch apps preloaded, as seen in the teaser video. The Adobe apps include Kuler, Collage, and Ideas and of course Photoshop Touch.

At the moment there has been not been confirmation of the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but it is thought that it could be launched on 29th August. The device will come with Android 4.1 installed and an update to Jelly Bean will be available not long after the release of the device. it is though that AT&T will have the device along with Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

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