Apple Still Has A Hard-On For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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While the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no more the flagship Samsung or Nexus phone, it still appears to be attracting attention, from Apple’s lawyers that is.

Apple wants Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales ban, again

Last week, Reuters reported that Apple has filed an appeal for US courts to reconsider the ban they had tried to have imposed on the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At the time, the ban was dismissed as the one patent that it was based on didn’t have enough grounds for it to pass.

Now Apple is asking for an “en banc review,” which means that a larger panel of judges would look at the case as compared to just the three who threw it out back in October. The single patent that is drawing fire from Apple’s lawyers has to do with the search feature in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Basically when you pull it up and do a search, it searches multiple storage locations i.e. both the phone and search engines. You would think that one thing Google’s Android platform would have covered is the search functionality but surprisingly it is Apple who owns the patent to this ability.

Apple wants the Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales ban put back on effect and just won’t take no for an answer. So far there is no talk about the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus infringing on any patents – the LG Nexus 4.


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