Samsung Galaxy Nexus A Flop Just Like Nexus One [PCM]

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The Google Nexus One was the first pure Google phone and despite the hype behind it, the device was a flop in terms of sales. At the time, its failure was blamed on not having any carrier ties and unique sales platform (available through Google’s website only).

Samsung Galaxy Nexus a flop?

Well Samsung seem to have admitted that their Galaxy Nexus is a failure too, points out PCMag. A lawyer in the on-going trial with Apple said that sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset were so miniscule that the device wasn’t a threat to Apple.

Lawyers went on to say that Samsung had taken in $250 million in sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the first two quarters of the handset being on sale. In the world of smartphones this is a flop points out PCMag. It fell short of the sales of the Epic 4G from Sprint and the Fascinate on Verizon. The Nexus S 4G didn’t really sell well either, selling around 512,000 units, with the Replenish selling more units at 938,000. That’s right the Replenish!

Google however don’t seem to mind that the Nexus series doesn’t sell all that well as the handset is a neutral one for developers to start writing apps. When a survey from Readers Choice Awards asked people what they looked for in a handset, first came the OS, followed by display size, the apps and then how easy the phone was to use.

Thanks to skins like HTC Sense,  Android phones are very easy to use. However some say that it slows down the handset, but speed of the device came in way down the list at number 10 anyway. Updates are another concern as Android handsets are not known for their speedy updates. It’s two months since the release of Jelly Bean and there is no signs of it on the Verizon or Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus yet.

While the world of Android smartphones is a diverse one, miniscule sales of the Nexus prove that which version of the OS is on a handset is actually low down on the criteria list of most consumers.

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